New Jersey Marine
Education Association

Who are we?

The New Jersey Marine Education Association is a group of teachers, students, marine scientists, and lay persons united in a common interest:

"To promote marine and aquatic sciences throughout all disciplines and all levels of the education process"

 The NJMEA was formed in 1973, making it one of the oldest environmental organizations in New Jersey. In 2001 eastern Pennsylvania became an affiliate of the NJMEA. Our focus is on the study of the marine biome, particularly as it effects and is affected by citizens in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Because New Jersey is bordered on three sides by water and eastern Pennsylvania shares the Delaware watershed with New Jersey and the Susquehanna River with the Chesapeake, the importance of this extensive shoreline in our lives should be explored and emphasized in school curricula. Our active organization has met the challenge by offering educational materials, workshops, seminars, guest speakers, and our official publication, the Sea Horse. 
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