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July 12 -17, 2021

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Teach at the Beach 2020

 Marine Education in a Virtual World

October 21 and 22, 2020

     Teach at the Beach 2020, NJMEA's first virtual conference was a challenge, but now, has become an integral part of NJMEA's history.  It was a most successful and remarkable endeavor.

     Special and sincere thanks go out to Dr. John Cassano (University of Colorado) and Jasmin Graham (Mote Marine Laboratory and MISS) for their keynote addresses.  Dr. Cassano presented an unforgettable log about significant scientific research with MOSAiC and a memorable reentry into a COVID-19 world after three chilling and sunless months in the Arctic.  Ms. Graham introduced a needed and welcome conversation on the needs of the underrepresented in STEM education and professions.   We could not have had these two speakers if we conducted our conference in-person at the sandy shores of the Jersey coast.

     Thanks also go out to Murray Rosenburg, Linda Gaffney, Judy Burr, David Grant, and Clare Ng for the valuable resources and insights they gave in regard to teaching virtually, as well as in the field, about wetlands, climate change, and educational philosophy and techniques.

     Resources provided at this conference will be available to participants and NJMEA members.

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