New Jersey Marine
Education Association

Board Members


The NJMEA Board of Directors is a diversified group of individuals devoted to ensuring the success of the NJMEA. The Board represents the wealth of resources in aquatic education available to New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania educators. The current Board reflects a renewal of the emphasis placed on Marine Education in our coastal region. Due to this resurgence, the Board has grown from only 5 members in 1998 to 30 members in 2001. In 2002 the Board began streamlining by including only those who were consistently dedicated to and involved in the NJMEA. In 2003 the Board formed an Advisory Committee to select and nominate new board members. Since forming an advisory committee, the board has been trimmed to a maximum of 16 truly dedicated and caring board members, including four officers and a Past President, who are committed to the success of the NJMEA.

NJMEA Executive Board

Amy Williams, PhD - Science Teacher/Research Program Coordinator, Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Science (MATES)

Editor, Sea Horse Newsletter


Jenny Shinn - Field Researcher III, Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, Rutgers University; Project PORTS


Diana Burich - Director of Education, New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium



Jennifer Lengares-Meyer - Jenkinsons Aquarium 

Clare Ng - Marine Science Teacher, Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST)

Hollis Turner - Science Teacher, Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Kim Kryzanowski - Biology/Marine Science Teacher, Red Bank Catholic High School

Bianca Charbonneau -University of Pennsylvania

Joe Rozak - Chemistry Teacher (Retired), Germantown Academy

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