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  • Underwater Exploration Program at Jenkinson's Aquarium (2/12/19)

Underwater Exploration Program at Jenkinson's Aquarium (2/12/19)

  • 02/12/2019
  • Jenkinson's Aquarium, Point Pleasant, NJ

 Under Water Exploration Program

Build ROVs with your students.

Did you know that we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the bottom of the ocean? Scientists are constantly making new discoveries with each research expedition to the deep, and now your students can experience the excitement for themselves!

If you are interested in learning more about ROV's here is a program presented for students and their teachers by New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and Jenkinson's Aquarium.

Join New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and Jenkinson's Aquarium as underwater exploration is brought to life. Learn how scientists explore aquatic habitats with one of the most useful tools for ocean exploration, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Using experimental engineering techniques, students will build, test and operate ROVs of their own design. The program will culminate with the opportunity to “run a mission” in one of the aquarium’s exhibit tanks where they will encounter live animals! 

To register your class, click here for more information.

Please contact Diana Burich and NJSGC at (732) 872-1300, ext. 16 to reserve a space for your class.

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