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The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all aspects of our lives.  As with most things right now, teaching is certainly not the same!  We are all exploring the extent and challenges of the internet and virtual teaching and learning.  On-line, remote contact demands extensive preparation and imaginative solutions, often times by trial and error.  While many of us have only experienced this form of education peripherally, it is now mainstream and will be with us for quite a while. So, let's do the best we can!  The purpose of this forum is for us to get together and help each other by sharing experiences and expertise, by asking questions, providing resources, and discussing results.  Please join in!  We are all in this together. Choose "Subscribe" below to take part.

This forum is arranged by topics.  You can start a topic if it does not exist or search for a topic of interest in which you would like to participate. Then, take it from there.  Our imaginations in how we adopt and use this communication  platform are the only limits.

A good way to start might be to share a lesson plan or unit that you are working on. Begin by identifying the topic, and then identify your audience and goals.  You can add materials and links as you see fit.   You will automatically be notified when anything is added to your topic.

NOTE: While this forum is visible to the public, only members of NJMEA will be able to create topics, add materials and ask questions.

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